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Fisiotek F3G

Fisiotek F3G from RIMEC

Fisiotek 3000 G model uses flexion-extension movement to allow
mobilization of the knee and hip. The movement of the device is
based on the correct adjustment of the length of the patient’s
femur, which is necessary for the positioning of the limb. The
device is light-weight, only 9.5 kg, to ensure the greatest maneuverability during use.

Smart Intelligence

• Automatic flexion/extension angle increase
• Pause flexion/extension
• Limit automatic flexion/extension increase
• Repetitions to flexion/extension limit

Knee ROM:
• Fle
xion-extension -10° ÷ 120°
Hip ROM:
• Flexion-extension 7° ÷ 115°
Programmable functions:
• Flexion / Extension speed
• Force
• Work time duration
• Warm-up (special console button)

Fisiotek F3G Demonstration

Fisiotek F3G Video

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