Corehab Riablo Functional Training & Evaluation


Purpose of the product

Evaluation & Training

Thanks to the technology and innovative concept of Riablo, therapists are able to assess patient’s functional ability including joint mobility (ROM), balance and strength, motor control and coordination of movements in precision.   This facilitates in designing customized training program for each individual patient as to achieve the most effective outcome in progressive recovery.

Mode of Selection

Training Mode

With Real Time Visual and Audio Feedback during training,

►enables the immediate error correction to patients during the training in which facilitating the process of neuroplasticity training in a more effective way.

►strengthens patient’s proprioception throughout the training with feedback in 3D motion graphic and games.

►improves functional and balance ability throughout 350+ functional exercise covers all body joints and muscles.

Assessment Mode

Accurate and Objective Measurement

►enables recording patient’s performance in precision for both pre- and post- training including parameter of Joint ROM, Endurance, Timed Up and Go, and Sway.

►enables detection of compensatory movement throughout the training.

►quantifies deficits and asymmetries in joint mobility.

►various report templates provides flexibility in managing specific performance goal including Functional Evaluation Test, ROM Test and Balance Test.

Country of Origin:  Italy