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Functional Electrical Stimulation – Restorative Therapies

Functional Electrical Stimulation – Restorative Therapies


Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is a well established rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves (the “lower motor neurons” that connect the spinal cord to muscles) generating muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity.  FES is applied using adhesive pads placed over the muscle to be activated.

Active Therapy

During passive therapy, muscles don’t do any of the work. For example, arms and legs are moved mechanically, by a non-FES cycle.
Active therapy, on the other hand, allows muscles to do the work they are meant to do.  This is achieved either by an individual moving their muscles on their own or when muscles are activated by FES. Either way, active therapy means muscles are working and becoming more conditioned to help you reach your goals.

Active therapy is required to reverse muscle atrophy because it is only in active therapy that your muscles actually perform work.

RT Ergometer

With Restorative Therapies’ systems, FES creates patterned movement in the arms, legs and trunk.  In people with weak or paralyzed muscles, FES enables muscles to work and perform activities.  In addition, even if the individual may not be able to consciously participate, FES can facilitate muscle contractions and activity.


  • Enhancing CNS Myelination and Cell Birth
  • Preventing & Reversing Muscle Atrophy
  • Reducing Spasticity
  • Maintaining Range of Motion
  • Muscles Re-Education
  • Improving Bone Density
  • Improving Local Blood Circulation
  • Improving Cardiovascular Function

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